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True Team Spirit
Being a part of team creates a special bond between the athletes and everyone who w ...
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For less than the avg. oil change, you can show an orphaned child they are loved!  Donate $68 today »
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Find out what CALIBRATE is about and more on the environment of worship ...
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Secure link to Cross International MON MARCH 16
Winter Tour: Southwest Christian School
Fort Worth, TX
Jan 29
Carrollton, TX
Jan 29
DFW Winter Boat Expo Announces 2015
Dallas, TX
Jan 30-Feb 8
Van Alstyne Bands Spaghetti Dinner
Van Alstyne, TX
Jan 31
Cracking the Code: An SAT Strategies Course
Plano, TX
Jan 31-Feb 28
Lamb of God Sculpture Viewing - Creation Evidence
Glen Rose, TX
Feb 7
Dallas, TX
Mar 27-28

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For the Super Bowl, I like to ...
Hook up with friends at a restaurant and watch the game.
Relax at home glued to the big screen.
Be there - HELLO?!
Munch on hot wings & finger foods while watching.
Watch it with friends at church.
Crash at a friends house to watch.
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