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Our Good News Story of the Day is… Big Game  and Hair. The NFL’s ...
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94.9 KLTY is teaming up with Papa John's to give kids some lovin' this Valentine's!

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SEE WHICH 5 CONTESTANTS MADE THE CUT TO COMPETE! You may know one of them competing this year ........
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Join Matthew West, Greg Laurie..and more on an unforgettable Stroytellers Cruise!  OCT 23-30, 2016 »
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IF:FloMo - IF Gathering
Lewisville, TX
Feb 5-6
Turning Point: Embracing the Seasons of Life
Carrollton, TX
Feb 6
94.9 KLTY Appearance @ DD's Discounts
Mesquite, TX
Feb 6
Concierto Emmanuel y Linda de Rojo
McKinney, TX
Feb 6
The Rock & Worship Roadshow 2016
American Airlines Center
Feb 12
94.9 KLTY Appearance @ Texas Home & Garden Show
Fort Worth, TX
Feb 12-14
Call of the Wild Sportsman's Dinner
Fort Worth, TX
Feb 18
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The best part of an election year is ...
I get more mail than any other year!
Debates are a killer!
Out with the old, in with the new!
More phone calls!
The opportunity to support the candidate of your choice!
All the hype, man!
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