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These five contestants competed to see who would lose the most weight after doing the Slim4Life™ program for 12 weeks. The winner will remain on the Slim4Life™ program free for a full year AND win a $1,000 shopping spree good towards a new wardrobe from Vista Ridge Mall!
Jimmy - West  His Story —
Weigh-In Results            Week 12      FINAL  RESULTS

Jimmy has struggled with his weight for many years. At 57, he’s a pastor of two churches in the town of West, Texas. Jimmy put his self-care on hold in order to help others get back on their feet after a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in West turned the town upside down. Among those things put aside were a proper diet which negatively affected his health. Jimmy wants to lose weight not only to improve his health – he has high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes – but also to be an example for others his age and for all people that there is no reason to give up or give in. His goal is to lose 90 lbs and hopefully reduce his dependency on medications.

Jennifer - Keller  Her Story —
Weigh-In Results            Week 12      FINAL  RESULTS

Jennifer is a 42 yr old teacher in Keller ISD with 4 boys of her own to care for in addition to her students. Several years ago she went through a terrible storm in her life that caused her much stress and pain. Although stress took its toll on her body and her health, God brought her through and she’s come out stronger on the other end. She also recently found her “prince charming,” so things are really looking up! Now she’s excited about the opportunity to lose the unwanted weight and become the healthy, slim teacher and the woman that she dreams of being! Her goal is to lose 82 lbs.

Colleen - Plano  Her Story —
Weigh-In Results            Week 12      FINAL  RESULTS

Colleen worked in a busy operating room and because of her schedule, she never had a regular eating regimen. She grabbed whatever food was handy and ate it quickly. That was ten years ago. Now at 38, Colleen works with patients after surgery but old habits die hard. Add to that a painful broken ankle, several back surgeries and the many other challenges life brings, and Colleen has been struggling mightily with her weight. The kicker though was when, on a Mother’s Day project at school, her young son’s answer to the question “What is your mom’s favorite thing to do?” was “Sleep.” Colleen wants her boys to know how much she loves them and turn her life around! She wants to lose 80 lbs.

Kami - Arlington  Her Story —
Weigh-In Results            Week 12      FINAL  RESULTS

Kami was a size 3 when she married her husband 15 years ago, but over the years has graduated to a size 14/16. She says her younger skinny self would be so mad at her 33 year old self. “That young skinny girl used to say, ‘If I ever start getting fat, I would just stop eating.’ Now she knows it’s not that simple. Still, despite the fact that she holds down a job, goes to school full time for her masters degree and is raising 3 kids in Arlington. She’s determined to make her weight loss dream happen. Kami sums it up this way: “…I don’t want to be fat for the rest of my life… I want to be proud today of how I look."

Randy - Tarrant Co.  WINNER!       His Story —
Weigh-In Results            Week 12      FINAL  RESULTS

Randy and his wife started a non-profit organization 9 years ago called Chosen Ones that recruits and supports foster and adoptive families in Tarrant County. He’s been putting all his time and energy into this and his own two beautiful adopted children, ages 9 and 4. He feels blessed beyond measure, and now at 49 years old, Randy desperately wants to be active and healthy so he can be the “best father God has called him to be.” He needs to lose at least 70 lbs. and lower his blood pressure.

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