94.9 KLTY's Frank Reed, Host of The Family-Friendly Morning Show, went on the Slim4Life™ Weight Loss program and lost 45 lbs (the approx. weight of a newborn sea lion pup!)


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These five contestants competed to see who would lose the most weight after doing the Slim4Life™ program for 12 weeks. The winner will remain on the Slim4Life™ program free for a full year AND win a $1,000 shopping spree good towards a new wardrobe from Vista Ridge Mall!
Bethany - Lake Worth  Her Story —
Weigh-In Results            Week 12      WEEK 12  RESULTS

Bethany has battled cancer since the age of 17 and is currently in remission. She gained weight after several cancer surgeries and has been trying to lose it ever since. She said, "I have a wonderful husband who supports me through anything and everything I've ever faced." She wants to lose the weight so she can have more energy for their wonderful son Gage.  She's hoping Slim4Life will give her the extra push she needs to "lose the rest of this emotional weight I gained throughout the years of struggles."

Samantha - Arlington  Her Story —
Weigh-In Results            Week 12      WEEK 12  RESULTS

Samantha said, "God has been so good to me. He rescued my children and me from a dangerous husband who is currently serving time for his crimes, freed us from shelter life and now I want to overcome this final stronghold in my life so I can be a healthy, whole woman inside and out, free to serve God."  Samantha has a wonderful new husband who accepts her just the way she is and she also wants to lose the weight so she "can enjoy more time... with my true soul mate."

Jeff - Hurst  His Story —
Weigh-In Results            Week 12      WEEK 12  RESULTS

Jeff is a pastor who is overweight and on blood pressure medication. He is currently challenging his congregation to "get fit spiritually. "As I am doing this I realize I am not setting a good example in the arena of discipline for my people." He wants to lose weight with Slim4Life to make sure he is "around to officiate the weddings of my children... and... be a good example for my flock."


Michael - Southlake  His Story —
Weigh-In Results            Week 12      WEEK 12  RESULTS

Michael served in the U.S. Army and was involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. His wife is his hero because she stayed by his side through some very dark times. He wants to lose the weight in order to be around for his three beautiful daughters and his wife as long as possible because, "she is the one that God used to pull me out of the dark."  He is now working toward a degree in practical ministry so he can serve others for the rest of his life."

Coby - Fort Worth  WINNER!       Her Story —
Weigh-In Results            Week 12      WEEK 12  RESULTS

Coby is a public school teacher, a working mom and a wife.  While she used to be very fit, she has gained weight over the past several years after the birth of her two children.  "...I want to be healthy for me, my family and gain back my personal body image confidence... Our bodies are to be a temple of Christ... I want to place my health and needs first for a change."


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 Coby is our 2014 Biggest Winner!  Congratulations Coby!!!

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