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These five contestants competed to see who would lose the most weight after using the Slim4Life™ program for 12 weeks. The winner will remain on the Slim4Life™ program FREE for a full year AND wins a $1,000 Shopping Spree good towards a new wardrobe from Watters Creek at Montgomery Farms!
Jill - Lake Worth  Her Story —
Weigh-In Results              Week 12       FINAL  RESULTS

Jill is a 44 year old nurse who works with cancer patients and has several reasons for wanting to lose the weight.  First, she likes to “go, go, go” and is tired of her weight slowing her down.  She would also like to be a better example for her patients and others around her.  Lastly, her oldest son just left for boot camp, and knowing how she’s struggled with her weight, he challenged her.  The idea is that while he’s being challenged mentally, physically and spiritually at boot camp, she would be challenged for 8 weeks, too.  She plans to surprise him by meeting that challenge head-on and losing the weight!  Jill’s ultimate weight loss goal is to lose 70 lbs.

Susie - Lewisville  Her Story —
Weigh-In Results              Week 12       FINAL  RESULTS

Susie has a loving husband and a wonderful daughter, Emily, who sadly was born with an inherited genetic disorder that keeps her in the hospital for long, regular stretches.  Susie never leaves her side and in spending all that time in the hospital, has “lived a sedentary life and eaten unhealthy hospital and junk food for all these years.”  She said other than looking good again, she needs to be healthy for herself and to continue caring for her daughter.  So when Susie’s daughter asked her to lose weight because she needs her, it cut Susie like a knife.  “As hard as she’s fought for life, I’m learning to fight for myself…”  Susie’s weight loss goal is 65 lbs.

Steven - Dallas  His Story —
Weigh-In Results              Week 12       FINAL  RESULTS

Steven is a 47 year old father of 4 who feels like he has always been fat.  And although his career and family are stellar, his weight remains an issue.  After attempting other diets only to gain the weight back and more, he’s ready for a permanent solution.  He wants to be there for his family and watch his future grandchildren grow up.  He wants his kids to remember him as the dad they could run and play with, not the dad who had to sit on the sidelines because he was too heavy to participate.  And he wants to be able for the first time, to ride roller coasters with his kids on their upcoming Orlando vacation. Steve’s weight loss goal is 72 lbs.

Bobbi - Arlington  Her Story —
Weigh-In Results              Week 12       FINAL  RESULTS

Bobbi is 58 years young and would like to lose 75 lbs, but is no longer able to exercise due to an injury from a serious motorcycle accident.  She feels she needs some help and guidance in order to lose the weight.  Bobbi says her doctor told her Slim4Life was a very safe and healthy way to do that and wished her luck in being chosen.  She wants to keep up with her grandkids, avoid several illnesses that run in her family, and be better able to enjoy the things she loves to do, like playing golf, going to flea markets, antiquing, shopping with friends and entertaining.

Liska - Fort Worth  WINNER!     Her Story —
Weigh-In Results              Week 12       FINAL  RESULTS

Liska is a 45 year old high school teacher, wife and mother of three.  Despite completing 10 half marathons and exercising regularly, the weight has crept on and she’s at a loss on how to lose it permanently. She wants to be healthy so she can see her kids grow up, have more energy at work, and keep up with her children.  After discussing it with family and friends (including one who has done the Slim4Life program) she decided to enter this contest and answer the challenge. Liska wants to lose 70 lbs.

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 Liska is our 2016 Biggest Winner!  Congratulations Liska!!!

 And congratulations to all of our contestants for competing and WINNING!!

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