Play Secret Sound

The 94.9 KLTY Secret Sound is back!
Jeff incorrectly guessed "Scraping Ice" as the Secret Sound. Play again for $5,000 Monday Morning!

Listen 3 times each weekday (7am, 12pm and 5pm) for your chance to win at least $1,000! 

*PLUS an extra guess each day for Facebook and Twitter fans!
Incorrect Guesses:
-Scraping Ice 
-cutting an apple in half
-opening a cardboard box
-an old credit card imprint machine
-scooping ice 
-a shovel
-a door lock 
-sand paper 
-shoveling gravel 
-box cutter
-paper cutter 
-cleaning with a bristle brush 
-ripping paper 
-using a hand saw 
-adding machine 
-DVD case zipping up