The 94.9 KLTY Secret Sound is back!

Listen to 94.9 KLTY every weekday between 7am and 7pm to play and win the 94.9 KLTY Secret Sound!  We’ll play 4 times a day.  When we tell you to call in and play, be caller 9 to 214-787-1949 and correctly guess the 94.9 KLTY Secret Sound and you’ll win $1,000.We’ll increase the jackpot by another $1,000 each day we don’t get a winner! And new this year, FREE GRAND FRIDAYS!  Win the Secret Sound on Friday, we’ll throw in an extra $1,000 just because we love you!  We’ll play every hour till we get a winner!

Want to hear the sound?  No problem!  Download the new 94.9 KLTY App for your smart phone and you can listen to the Secret Sound as often as you like.

Incorrect Guesses:

Shuffling a Deck of Cards

Tearing Through a Head of Lettuce

Spinning a Rolodex

Crunching a Carrot

Adding Machine

Garbage Disposal

Velcro Coming Apart

Punching a Time Clock 

Electric Stapler 

Tearing a Perforated Ticket 

Camera Shutter/Taking a Picture 

Pulling a Straw from a Lid 

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