It's the 94.9 KLTY Secret Sound!

Listen 3 times each weekday (7am, 12pm and 5pm) for your chance to win at least $1,000!

*PLUS an extra guess each day for Facebook and Twitter fans!

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!! Kathy Mohn of Ft. Worth took the latest crack at the secret sound and she guessed correctly when she said "Tearing off a Paper Towel"  Congrats to Kathy the Latest winner with $3,000 Secret Sound!!

Incorrect Guesses:

Shuffling Cards

Tearing Your Jeans or Fabric

Tearing a page from a Notebook


Blowing on Baby's Tummy

Blending Something and Suddenly Stopping

Pulling Velcro

A few of our previous winners:

Sound #6: 05/06 Holly Basham of Keller won $3,000 for guessing "buckling a seat belt".

Sound #7: 05/07 Trenna Gillett of Van, TX won $1,000 for guessing "a sewing machine".

Sound #8: 05/08 Richard Cook of Alvarado won $1,000 for guessing "a rubber band".

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