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October 2012
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Election Year Family Book Fun!
Dates: July 4-November 6
Target Audience: General Audience
Time: 10:00am
Phone: 214-995-0240
Event Website:
Location: We the People: Know the Past, Understand the Present, Secure the Future
Ticket Price: $18.00
Event Details:
“It is time for Christians to reengage and once again become salt and light in the civil arena, and "We the People: Know the Past, Understand the Present, Secure the Future" equips Christians to be effective citizens, thus preserving both our civil and religious liberties.” – David Barton, Wallbuilders As the church in America continues to lose influence on our culture and basic freedoms become more restricted and regulated, it is time for American Christians to recommit to securing the future for our children and grandchildren. The Problem: One of God’s original instructions to us is to teach His word to our children and grandchildren. We are to pass our faith and knowledge of the Word of God to each generation. He expects us to teach the truth about America’s founding and His involvement in it. It is clearly obvious by our current culture that we have not been faithful to do this; therefore we have lost influence on our culture. But how can we teach what we do not know? The Solution: We the People: Know the Past, Understand the Present, Secure the Future was written for the purpose of equipping Christians with the information they need to teach their children/grandchildren biblical worldview, America’s true history, and our biblical system of government. We the People pulls all the elements together in one easy to understand read. Armed with this information you and your family will be able to fully engage in the battle for the heart and soul of our nation and ultimately the church. Once the body of Christ is educated & thinking in agreement with God’s word we can change the culture of the nation and secure liberty for all. This is the book every Christian home should have. We must be equipped to train the next generation in order to change the culture and secure the future of America. It will take three generations being in agreement to bring the change needed to secure the future. Had we been faithful to intentionally teach these things to each generation we would not be a nation in decline. We the People makes it simple for us to repent and begin to do what past generations have failed to do! Now is the time to commit to engage in this battle and bring unity to the body of Christ.


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