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"Frankly Speaking" by Frank Reed

What’s up with the Duck People?

By Frank Reed
As heard on 94.9 KLTY, October 2, 8:10am

Last Saturday night I did something I seldom do. I worked. I was invited to MC an event with Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Since my life is pretty crazy during the week, I always try to not work on the weekends so I can be with the family. But I knew the Duck Dynasty phenomenon was a big deal with many folks in our listening audience, and Patti was doing a special mother-daughter thing with Hope, (of course Ryan is in college) so I knew Saturday night that’s where I was supposed to be. When I got to Venue 510 in Burleson about 5:30 the line to get into the place was really long. This was not going to be sparsely attended. I introduced Jase and he was instantly recognizable in his camo pants, cap, long hair, and of course the trademark beard. The crowd erupts. This guy is a rock star. For 35 minutes he laments on being asked to leave Trump Tower, the importance of family, the joy of hunting, the story of Noah’s ark, the success of the show, and his love of frog legs. He even brought a various assortment of duck calls, which he expertly demonstrates to the audience. There was one other very important aspect of Jase’s one man show. He carried his Bible and he made it very clear that he was unashamedly a follower of Jesus. He placed his faith in Christ when he was 14, and explained how that faith is a foundation for everything else in his life. He was honest, genuine, and very real. I think it’s safe to say, he was just being himself. And God has obviously chosen him, and the Robertson clan, to reach people for Christ. Granted, the prayer at the end of the show may not seem like a big deal to you and me. But with the cesspool of inappropriate stuff on prime time TV, Duck Dynasty is a very bright light in the midst of a lot of darkness. And isn’t that just like our God? He uses the ordinary, to do the extraordinary. A little guy taking care of sheep slays a giant. Another one holds out a stick and parts a sea. And now, God obviously said, “It’s time to use the Duck People”. Millions and millions of viewers every Wednesday night revisiting in their mind the possibility that love of family, and the gospel of Jesus, could very well be, the answer. There was one other thing that was neat about Saturday night. I met a new friend named Billy. He and his Sunday school class prayed, and decided that they wanted to reach people in Burleson and the Metroplex, by providing positive, and encouraging family entertainment. So Venue 510 was born. I met my new friends Gayla, Shelley, and Tiffany. The sound guy Les, and Carlos who helped me with some nice giveaways. And here’s the cool thing. Everybody was a volunteer! While Jase might have been the star on Saturday night, he couldn’t have done it without the venue, and all of the people behind the scenes that made it happen. So here’s my takeaway on that. I’m confident that lives were changed Saturday night. And everybody involved, got to play a part! You see, the story of God’s unconditional love, grace and forgiveness is continual. It is ongoing, it is, if I may quote Kirk Cameron, unstoppable! And he uses ordinary folks like you and me, and Jase, and Billy and his friends, to accomplish his purposes. Frankly Speaking, it’s the most exciting and fulfilling way to live, period. And God can use you too. In spite of all of your ‘stuff’.. hey we all have some.. YOU can take part in this great adventure. Because God is searching every day for willing hearts, not perfect people!


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