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Rest & Refresh - be refreshed by the Lord!
Fort Worth
Apr 29
Mary Poppins presented by the Trinity Christian Ac
Weatherford, TX
Apr 29-30
LifeWay Priscilla Shirer Simulcast
Fort Worth, TX
Apr 29-30
Kid to Kid 20th Anniversary Celebration!
Arlington, TX
Apr 30
Spring Arts & Craft Show
Sachse, TX
Apr 30
94.9 KLTY Appearance @ SCC3D
Verizon Theatre, Grand Pr
Apr 30
2403 Flora Street, Dallas
thru May 1
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What hours of the day are regarded as "drive times"?
A. Morning drive has historically been 6-10 AM but Arbitron is moving to expand to 5AM. Afternoon drive goes from anywhere from 2PM to 7PM depending on the radio station, but the arbitron ratings book lists the daypart as 3-7PM.

Q. Why do most radio station call letters start with K or W?

A. Stations are assigned a code and generally (with a few exceptions), stations west of the Mississippi river begin with a K and those east of the Mississippi begin with a W. This phenomenon began with President Herbert Hoover.

Q. I want to request a song!

A. 214-787-1949 or toll-free 866-562-1949 to talk to the DJ LIVE! You may also email anytime at! Thanks for letting us know what you want to hear!


Q. I would like information on upcoming concerts. Where would I find that?

A. Listed online at 94.9 KLTY’s homepage under Upcoming Events and Concerts or under Family Fun Calendar. If you need further information feel free to call the station at 972-870-9949.


Q. I just won a prize on 94.9 KLTY, how do I go about getting it?

A. Visit our station between regular business hours, Mon – Fri, 8:30am – 5:30pm (except holidays) we’re at:

6400 N. Belt Line Rd, Suite 120 , Irving , Texas 75063 (be sure to bring a valid photo ID or Texas Driver’s License).

* A map is available under Driving Directions on the website.


Q. How can I support 94.9 KLTY?

A. There are a number of ways to help support 94.9 KLTY – anything from putting a bumpersticker on your car to attending a station event or even encouraging your friends to listen to the station that's “Safe for the Whole Family, 94.9 KLTY”. We love all the ways you support KLTY!

Go to The Radio Station > Jobs tab on this website for more info.


Q. How do I submit a Public Service Announcement to be listed on 94.9 KLTY’s Family Fun Calendar?

A. From the 94.9 KLTY homepage click on the Family Fun Calendar, then go to Submit an Event section on our website and follow the simple instructions.


Q. I'm a local business interested in getting my name said over the air on your 100,000-watt radio station. Where do I find details?

A. 94.9 KLTY helps thousands of business owners grow their businesses. Go to the Advertise with 94.9 KLTY section on this website for more details!


Q. How can I become an Intern with 94.9 KLTY?

A. Each year 94.9 KLTY employs 30 - 40 Interns to help with Celebrate Freedom and learn the “ins & outs” of Radio Promotions. If you are interested in learning more email:


Q. How can I make a comment about the programming of 94.9 KLTY?

A. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions, comments or concerns at: Your email will be directed to the appropriate person.


Q. How can I listen to 94.9 KLTY online?

A. Check out our Listen Live! | Online Radio Player on the homepage. It not only tells you what is playing now, it shows the last four songs played also!


If you are experiencing difficulty with streaming online, try these steps:

  1. Start Windows Media Player.
  2. From the 'File' Menu, select "Open URL".
  3. Copy & Paste ›

This procedure should work for most updated Explorer, Firefox and Mozilla browsers.


Q. How can I tell what song is playing right now or in the last few minutes on 94.9 KLTY?

A. Check out our Live Playlist by clicking on one of the media players on the homepage. It not only tells you what is playing now, it also shows the last four songs played!


Q. I'm a Mac user. How can I listen online with my Mac?

A. You can listen using iTunes for Mac. To install go to: Mac iTunes (Mac OS X v10.2.8 or later; Mac OS X v10.3 required for AirPort Express; 400MHz G3 processor or better; QuickTime 6.2 required to encode AAC; QuickTime 6.5.2 and latest iLife updates required to use purchased music in iLife '04; 256MB RAM recommended).
Click this link for iTunes ›


Q. How is 94.9 KLTY different from other radio stations in the area?

A. Our promise to our listeners is that we will never air any content that contains material that is “off color” or “embarrassing,” that’s why our slogan is, “Safe for the Whole Family ®, 94.9 KLTY!”


Q. Is 94.9 KLTY on the air around the clock?

A. YES! We’re live on the air and on the web to bring you great contemporary Christian music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Q. How is this station funded?

A. 94.9 KLTY is funded solely through Advertising Sales.


Q. Who makes the decisions on what I hear on 94.9 KLTY?

A. 94.9 KLTY’s Director of Programming and Vice President/General Manager.


Q. Can you give us a brief overview of the type of programming on 94.9 KLTY?

A. Uplifting. “Safe for the Whole Family®”. Plus regularly scheduled news, weather, traffic reports and Dr. Dobson’s Focus On The Family Minute. The station always has opportunities to win cash and valuable prizes... check out our Contests!


Q. Do you broadcast news reports?

A. YES! Local news during The Family-Friendly Morning Show weekdays, 5am – 9am. If important news occurs, 94.9 KLTY will issue a NEWS BULLETIN as important news breaks, day or night, 24/7!


Q. Is there a limit to how long I can listen online?

A. Listening time online is limited to (4 hours), BUT you can reconnect if you get kicked off.  We've done this because many people forget to disconnect or stop their player when finished listening.


Q. How do I go about donating to the 94.9 KLTY Christmas Wish™?

A. We have a "retail" donation page set up for anyone wishing to donate to the 94.9 KLTY Christmas Wish, simply go to to make a donation from $1 to $100. *Please keep in mind this is through a retail page, so if you receive an odd confirmation email, your donation DID make it through successfully and we appreciate your generosity.

If you prefer to mail in a donation, you may send a check or money order to:  94.9 KLTY Christmas Wish, 6400 N. Belt Line Road, Suite 120, Irving, TX 75063.


Q. Where was the event I heard the DJ mention on the radio this morning?

A. Most of our events are already listed on the website. If you are unable to find the event listed it will more than likely be listed on the website before long.


Q. What great Christian concerts are coming soon to the metroplex?

A. Listen, listen, listen to 94.9 KLTY or check out — most of the time the upcoming concert will be listed on the homepage under Upcoming Events and Concerts or on the Family Fun Calendar.

You can also get concert information from the 94.9 KLTY Information Line by dialing: 972-870-9949.


Q. What's the number for the charitable organization I heard mentioned on air?

A. Millions of Americans have used Charity Navigator’s trusted charity ratings to research charities worthy of their support. Call for more information call 201.818.1288, or visit us online at

Charity Navigator is pleased to offer the added convenience of online giving.
Donating Online at Charity Navigator


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