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Watoto African Children's Choir
Crowley, TX
Feb 10-11
The Rock & Worship Roadshow 2016
American Airlines Center
Feb 12
94.9 KLTY Appearance @ Texas Home & Garden Show
Fort Worth, TX
Feb 12-14
National Parks Adventure
Fort Worth, TX
Feb 12 - May 30
Call of the Wild Sportsman's Dinner
Fort Worth, TX
Feb 18
94.9 KLTY Appearance @ Hillsong United Concert
American Airlines Center
Feb 19
America's Got Talent Open Call Auditions
650 S. Griffin St, Dallas
Feb 27
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Real Life Love...
Our Good News Story of the Day is… Real Life Love.  What would you do i ...
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Real Life Love...

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Our Good News Story of the Day is… Real Life Love.  What would you do if you found out strangers were making fun of your child through social media? A Texas mom named, AliceAnn Meyer, was forced to face that painful reality recently when someone created a meme of her son Jameson, comparing his looks to a pug. She responded with a blog shaming those who shared the post and also educating them about what her 4-year-old is going through. She wrote, “His name is Jameson. He is very real, and he was born with Pfeiffer syndrome.” The heartbroken mom then explains exactly what that is. What she wrote out of love, has now been viewed more times than the picture that was meant for bad and strangers worldwide are replying with well-wishes, kind comments and their support.

To meet Jameson and to learn about Pfeiffer syndrome, click the link below, click here:

       ~ Starlene Stringer

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